How to Run a Successful Love My Library Fundraiser

Love My Library is the only fundraising portal designed specifically for librarians. Previously, school librarians were limited primarily to book fairs to generate extra funds. So why is Love My Library different and how do you run a successful one?

Running a Successful Love My Library Fundraiser

We get a crazy number of testimonials telling us that librarians did virtually nothing, yet raised more money than they ever raised before. But there are things you can do to supercharge your fundraiser.

Promote your fundraiser early and often

Start making announcements and putting up posters and notices 3 or 4 weeks before your fundraiser. You will find pre-written messages in your dashboard to send to your reader families. One of the messages is a Love My Library teaser that lets people know about your upcoming fundraiser and how it benefits them. We strongly suggest you copy and paste this into the messaging app you typically use to communicate with your readers.

Let your readers know about FREE Book Bucks

Let your readers know about FREE Book Bucks

Hand out take home sheets before your fundraiser starts

Our in-house print shop will supply a full-color take home sheet for every reader in your school or group. Be sure to hand out those sheets one week before your fundraiser starts. You’ll also find a message in your dashboard asking readers to register. Send that message home one week before your start date via your normal messaging app.

Send electronic reminder messages

On your start date, be sure to send the electronic reminder message to everyone via your typical messaging app. This is a great day to make announcements, put up signs and get a discussion going to make sure everyone knows they can earn free books and supplies by helping your library.

Follow up with our suggested messages

For the next two weeks make sure you use all our suggested electronic messages to keep in touch with your families. Your goal is to get everyone to register.

Share your leaderboard

You will find a leaderboard on your dashboard. It shows your top performers by reader and teacher or grade. The most successful schools share this leaderboard daily and use it to create competition between readers and classes.

Offer incentives

We suggest rewarding your top 5 readers, your top 3 classes and your entire school if they meet your goal.

Why this Library Fundraiser is different?