Love My Library allows every school and every student to participate and earn books and other free prizes. It's the only fundraiser designed specifically for librarians!!

Love My Library's REIMAGINED BOOK FAIR is the perfect solution!

Instead of setting up a physical book fair we created a fun and intuitive way for your library to raise money AND your students to get books and other fun prizes. Best of all 90% of the money raised can be spent by the librarian and students on books and other fun items.

Using Read-A-Thon's world class donation platform, we help children raise money to purchase their favorite books. We partner with Ingram Content to curate the top children's books and combine that with our 400-item prize store offering fun school supplies, electronics and more. Students keep 45% of the money they raise to spend in our reader store.

Librarians keep 45% of the money raised to spend on books at Follett’s Titlewave platform. We will send you a Titlewave gift card to spend any way you’d like OR librarians can take our 75% cash option instead, or a combination of both.

Signup now through December 31st for an event and receive 100% profits to your library.

How It Works

We provide everything every student in your school needs to raise money to spend on books while helping your library raise money. Everyone can participate and even win some great prizes for simply registering.

Partnership Powerhouse

We have leveraged the top industry leaders to bring you a Book Fair Reimagined!

How We Are Different...
Than a traditional book fair

No Volunteers -
We provide everything you need.

Literacy Based - Supports
It's all about the books.

No Contracts & No
No Risk

No Store to Set Up or Manage.
Everything is online.

We Process All
Transactions - Safe & Secure

Personalized Customer

Ready to get Started?

Join millions of happy readers

Sign up for an event now through December 31st and get FREE access to Love My Library with 100% of profits to your library.


What Our Customers Have to Say

We had a great experience with our first Love My Library online book fair. Our students and families loved it and were thrilled to receive the first quality books and prizes they earned with their efforts! The LML staff with whom I worked were very responsive and helpful, everything ran so well. And we added a large number of new books to our school library. Looking forward to next year’s book fair!

Bill Haas
Regional Representative

Our school really enjoyed our Love My Library book fair. Everything ran smoothly and our earnings were comparable to traditional in-person book fairs. We will definitely be using Love My Library again.

Melanie Bayer