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With Love My Library, you can raise more money, keep more money and have more choices on how to spend YOUR MONEY.

We've Revolutionized Library Fundraising!

Librarians now have a better solution to help build great library and classroom book collections and create a top notch library atmosphere for their young readers.

Kids Get FREE Books

Library keeps 80% of revenue to spend

Requires no Volunteers

No cash or checks to handle

No Inventory to manage

FREE Book Bucks

As an incentive to promote your Library Fundraiser, children earn one FREE BOOK Buck for every $10 in donations they receive. Book Bucks can be redeemed in our online book store with thousands of titles for every age group.

You Keep 80% of All Donations. That’s Right, 80%

Your library keeps 80% of donations in the form of Depot Dollars to spend on books, technology, equipment and more in our Librarian Depot. Prefer cash? Redeem your Depot Dollars for $0.50 each.

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Kids Get Free Books
Kids Must Purchase Books
Thousands of titles available
Books limited to physical fair
Librarian keeps 80% revenue to spend
Librarian keeps 30-50% to spend
Requires no volunteers
Requires lots of volunteers
No cash or checks to handle
Must handle cash and deposits
No inventory to manage
Sales limited to on hand inventory
All done online
Must set up physical store

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