How it Works

The traditional book fair isn’t what it used to be. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and less and less about reading. That’s why we set out to make Love My Library the EASIEST, MOST PROFITABLE, and LEAST TIME-CONSUMING literacy-based fundraiser on the market. All while making sure librarians and students have access to the latest and greatest titles.

Instead of selling books to students, Love My Library’s reimagined book fair raises money using a world-class donation platform that reaches friends and family members around the world and invites them to support students they know. These donations are then used by students to buy books from their customized wishlist.

  • Sign up at
  • Enter your event start date and school information.
  • Upload your teacher names and class counts so we can create customized materials for you.
  • Get ready for a great fundraiser!
  • Distribute our flyers! We print and ship everything to you for free.
  • Customize your book fair from our list of over 900 titles.
  • Kick off your event using resources we provide you.
  • Encourage families to create accounts and students to create wishlists.
  • Kids and families can share fundraiser information with family and friends via text, email and Facebook.
  • It's all made easy through our platform.
  • Family and friends from around the world can donate directly to the student and school.
  • Students get 50% of donated funds to purchase books and items in the reader store and build their home library.
  • Librarians get 50% of donated funds to spend on books via Follett's Titlewave platform or can ask to receive 75% of funds in cash.
  • Everything you order gets shipped to you at no cost and sorted by classroom!
  • On average, schools add 215 books to their school library and students grow their home library, too.
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We provide everything every student in your school needs to raise money to spend on books while helping your library raise money.