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Program Management

How long should I run my event?

We suggest running your event for about 2 weeks. You are in control of your event and can edit your dates accordingly.

Do I need to enter my teachers into the system?

You will be asked to enter your teacher names and the number of readers per class. You can add teachers one at a time or email a list of teacher names, email addresses, and class counts to your customer support representative. Acceptable formats are CSV or Excel.

How can I edit my profile?

Editing your profile can be completed by logging into the dashboard. Select the menu button, then scroll to edit my profile and click on the link to edit

How do I know my marketing materials have shipped?

You will receive an email and notification with your tracking information.

How do I reprint the Reader Take Home sheet?

From your dashboard click on the Menu icon under Marketing Materials.

What is the best way to distribute books?

We suggest you print the book order report from the coordinator dashboard and verify books are sorted correctly by classroom and student.

Will I be able to see my past account information?

We will provide an overview of past events. We delete reader and donor information after your event ends.

How do I rebook my book fair?

Simply log in to your account once your book fair is done to easily schedule your next Love My Library book fair online or by contacting customer service at 866-888-5155.

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