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Love My Library Book Fair eWallet

Brick and mortar book fairs are becoming obsolete. In this digital age keeping track of cash can be a lot of work. There is a better way. Love My Library has reimagined what a book fair should be. That means you don't need to set up displays. You aren't limited in the quantity of books you offer. With Love My Library, readers gather support from sponsors. As sponsors donate, funds are kept track of electronically. This sort of eWallet is converted into credits for readers to use to get books they have picked out. There is no obligation to sign up. Hope on over and see how easy it is to start earning books today!

Here is a Love My Library Book Fair video to amp up the start of a Love My Library Book Fair!

The Simplest Way for Readers to Get Books

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By 2023 more than 1 billion people worldwide will be using mobile payments. eWallet use is the wave of the future. Even now if you forget your wallet, you can still make purchases over your phone. Whether it's gas or groceries, you aren't encumbered by needing to carry around cash anymore. eWallets have moved beyond just being for eCommerce.

What is an eWallet?

Essentially, an eWallet is a digital wallet. It is a way to purchase things with your mobile device instead of a cash or card. eWallets use to be the way individuals and businesses paid for things online. Now however, just about every major business has an app you can download on your phone. And these apps have ways to store your payment information. That means you're able to make purchases through the app. Banking apps now have ways to mobile pay. Google pay is another payment method in your eWallet, and it can be used without needing a business's app. You just have your mobile device scanned and your items are paid for.

Why are eWallets so Popular?

PayPal became the first eWallet form of payment. Now there's also Venmo, CashApp, and Zelle has linked up to many banks needing a third party payment provider unnecessary. Google Pay and Apple Pay have come on the scene as well. The reason all these are used and growing is simply convenience. You can even use a smart-watch to make payments. An eWallet is wonderful because it exists on your mobile device, which you carry around everywhere with you.

How Does an eWallet Apply to a Love My Library Book Fair?

The difference between Love My Library Book Fairs and other book fairs is by filling a student's eWallet with credits, the disparity seen at conventional book fairs is eliminated. No longer are some students coming in with money for the book fair while others are left wishing they could pick out books but have not money. EVERY student gets to create a bookshelf and can reach out to supporters to raise money. Donations from others are what fill the student's eWallet with credits and allow them to get the books they want!

What a Love My Library Book Fair eWallet Means

1. What an eWallet Means for the Librarian

Keeping track of cash is a chore.

happy children with books

As donations come in, Love My Library keeps track of them and supplies the librarian a way to view them.

At the end of the fundraiser 50% of all donations are converted into a cash payout.

2. What an eWallet Means for a Reader

Normal book fairs have students coming in with cash to spend at the book fair. That's a lot of responsibility for a younger student.

eWallet Graphic

For older students, one hopes that the book fair is what they spend that money on. With an eWallet taking the form a credits, neither is a concern. The great thing about credits is that they are earned when donations are made. There is no out of pocket expense for parents or guardians.

50% of money raised goes towards student credits. With over 3 million titles available at the reader store, it won't be hard to spend those credits! Take a look for yourself! Click Here to View Reader Store!

See how you can fill a Love My Library Book Fair eWallet with Depot Dollars today! Sign up for free!