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Privacy Policy and Data Deletion

  1. How is collected data used? Love My Library asks for the least amount of data possible when fundraising groups use our services. That data is used exclusively to create an account for the school (name and address). That information remains in our system so your group can sign up again in the future. We then ask for some basic information to create a one-time event. That event data is only accessible by the creator of the event and is destroyed shortly after the event is completed.
  2. Is data ever sold? No data is ever shared or sold to any other entity.
  3. Can parents request the deletion of reader data? Reader accounts do not exist if a parent of guardian does not activate their reader’s account. Once created we do honor requests to delete data. To insure we do not affect school data we simply replace the reader‘s name and any other personal data entered by the parent with organic, unidentifiable replacements. In addition, all student data is destroyed shortly after the event is completed.
  4. What happens if there is a breach on www.lovemylibary.com? If the company identifies or is notified of a breach technical support will immediately act to identify the nature of the breach and perform corrective actions which include adding additional security or mitigation measures to eliminate the possibility of future breaches, restoring data from one of multiple secure backup and notifying any individual or group that might have been compromised. We do NOT store any credit card data on our site so no financial information can be breached.
  5. Are student data transfers encrypted? We do everything we can to secure student or reader data including data encryption.
  6. Is data retention for school purposes only? The only data we retain about a school is the school name, address and phone number. Most data we collect is event specific and event data is destroyed at regularly scheduled times once events are complete.
  7. Is student data protected? The only student data we collect is provided by parents or guardians. The only access to that data is through encrypted links provided to the parents and schools. The only required information to activate a reader account is the parent’s email. We do honor requests to delete data made by parents.
  8. How is the use of Facebook used and monitored? Love My Library uses the Facebook app to allow users to share or message their individual page to gather support. Love My Library provides link for individual accounts should you choose to post on Facebook. We do not control the actual post or content. We do not gather or use any information or Facebook data. Love My Library does not have the right to post on anyone’s page, contact anyone on your behalf, or for any other purpose. We do not use your photo without permission. Additionally, we do not share contact information or your email address with anyone.

Should you have any additional questions regarding the Love My Library privacy policy, please contact us at sales@lovemylibrary.com or call us at 866-888-5155.