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The Only Online Library Fundraising Program

Are you looking for the easiest, stress-free, most profitable online fundraiser? Look no further. Love My Library is an online platform that can see you raise thousands of dollars all while promoting reading! The platform makes it easy to track how much is raised and promote the fundraiser using texts and social marketing tools. The only thing on your plate is generating excitement! Love My Library handles the rest!

The Easiest Way To Raise Money For Your Library

Sign up for free today! It only takes 10 minutes to set up your account and kick off the easiest online fundraising program you've ever hosted.

Encourage Reading and Raise Money in this Fundraising Program

Read-A-Thon's fundraising model educates and engages your students as they raise money.

Product fundraisers are a thing of the past. Who wants to hold another bake sale? And selling cookies, candles, and calendars for more money than one can get those things and the store is a hassle. Love My Library raises money for your library while at the same time encouraging reading! Readers send out messages through texts and social media to friends and family. Supporters are able to make lump some donations through a safe, online platform so readers can meet their goals and you can raise money for your library! 

This is by far the easiest library fundraiser around. With just a few simple clicks, even the youngest readers can raise money for your institution! All the while, they get more and more excited about reading! It really is a two for one benefit!

How Love My Library Works

You don't need a lot of manpower or time to run this fundraiser. Love My Library makes it so easy that one person can coordinate the whole event.

Love My Library takes the pressure of online fundraising out of your hands! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to fundraising success.

The first step to your Love My Library journey is creating your free account.

Sign up for your free account. 

The very first and most important step is to head to the Love My Library website and create your free account. This is no charge to run a Love My Library fundraiser. We know you'll raise more money than you ever have before. You may log in as an admin, a teacher, or a student. After that, Love My Library will take you step by step through our simple signup process.

The second step to using Love My Library is tracking the progress of your fundraiser.

Track your fundraiser's progress. 

After creating your account, you can then have your readers make accounts. They'll be able to send out texts and emails gathering support. You'll be able to track their progress throught the Love My Library platform. You can view the number of sponsors and amount raised individually and collectively.

The third step to navigating your Love My Library is sharing your online fundraising program with student, parents, and potential donors!

Advertise your fundraiser. 

Using the Love My Library platform, you are able to send emails, texts, and share on social media your fundraiser to garner maximum visibility resulting in amazing results. Readers are also able to use these easy tools to generate support by making sure all their friends and family know about their goals. It's never been easier to generate publicity about your Love My Library fundraiser!

The fourth and final step to your Love My Library journey is watching as funds roll into your account!

Relax and raise funds!

After a start up event if you choose to do one to generate publicity, you are able to watch the progress of your readers. Supporters are able to make donations using Love My Library's secure credit card payment processing system. You never have to handle any money. Librarians keep 50% of the money they raise as cash. It's that easy! 

Get Started Today!

Online library fundraising has never been easier. Sign up today to kick off your most successful fundraiser yet! Or, if you'd like to learn more about Love My Library fundraising and the Love My Library platform, you can contact us toll free at +1 800-682-2240.

Learn tips and best practices to prepare for your own online school fundraising program.

Preparing for Online Fundraising

Handling money as you sell brownies and cookies are actions of a bygone era. Digital fundraising is the new norm. It is a safer and more organized way to generate funding for your institution. Raising money and acquiring books and media for your library has never been simpler.  

In order to maximize results of your online fundraiser, follow these easy steps.

Pick the right fundraiser 

Learn how to choose the best online fundraising idea for your school.

There are many online fundraisers out there. The question is how do they all stack up. How much money can be raised? Do they promote reading? How much time and resources will you have to allocate to make it work? How does Love My Library answer these questions?  

Why Love My Library might be the perfect fit for your library:

It may be time to put some of those old fundraising ideas away and try something new. Chances are running a Love My Library event is easier and will net you more raised than other options.

Communicating with staff and volunteers

Learn how to effectively explain your fundraiser to your team and its participants.

Do not let miscommunication and inorganization ruin your fundraiser. Communicate clearly and often with staff and volunteers involved. The easier the online fundraiser you pick to run is, the less cogs there are in the machine to worry about. So be sure to pick one that is simple to run and has steps as automated as possible for maximun success. 

Through email, texts, and/or social media groups, be sure to give clear and simple instructions and inform your group responsible for running your event. Delegate responsibilities to appropriate individuals with the right skill sets and abilities. Use technology and automation as much as possible. Pick a fundraiser with an easy to use platform such as Love My Library.

Promoting your fundraiser to families 

Learn the best practices for promoting your online school fundraising program.

Spreading the word about your fundraiser is of upmost importance. If you are a school library, be sure to spread the word among the student body. For other institutions, get local radio and television stations and local papers to advertise your fundraiser that promotes reading. Also make use of social media marketing strategies. Family and friends of your readers are going to be doing the bulk of the donating, so be sure it is easy for them to know about your fundraiser. 

The use of social media in this digital age cannot be overemphasized. It is imperative to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube and TikTok if able, to spread the word about your fundraiser. Many young readers are experts on using these marketing tools so enlist them en masse.  

Additionally, printing marketing materials, such as flyers or posters with QR codes, are another must, even for fundraisers that are going to take place entirely online. 
Love My Library not only provides print marketing packages, but social media, text, and email marketing tools to help you maximize promotion for your online fundraiser.

Throwing an effective campaign kick-off

Learn how to organize an effective and memorable fundraising kick-off.

A kick-off event is key when doing a large fundraiser. It informs those taking part in the fundraiser and generates excitement. A fun and memorable kick-off often translates into a very successful fundraising campaign. Be creative in your kick-off event and set clear goals.

If you are a school then the kick-off should be held in an auditorium or gym and have the student body involved. This could be in the form of a pep rally. Whatever your institution, be sure the ones gathering donations are involved and having fun. Invite a guest speaker or have a video to play. Whatever you do, keep the atmosphere exciting.

Be sure to keep the purpose of your fundraiser clear. If you have a set goal post it in several places for all to see. No one should leave your kick-off wondering what you're raising money for. Also be sure to point out how people will benefit from your fundraiser.  
For example, Love My Library not only encourages students to read, but also incentivizes them to participate in return for books from our reader store! The kick-off event is the perfect time to showcase the books that can be earned!

Keeping track of your progress 

Explore why and how you should track data about your online fundraising program.

Whatever you're fundraiser, you want to be able to keep track of its progress. This will allow you to make any changed needed to ensure its success. So make sure to pick a fundraiser when keeping monitoring aspects of it is an option.

Metrics to take note of as your fundraiser is happening are total donations, individual donations and progress, engagement rates on digital marketing of your fundraiser, and online communications. The idea is to make sure you keep track of how your fundraiser is performing and make decisions based on that information.  
We recommend that you invest in dedicated online fundraising platforms, like Love My Library, which will more effectively track these key metrics and provide you with an accessible interface to organize your campaign.

Simplify the Process with Love My Library!

Love My Library can help you to simplify every step of your online school fundraising program!

Providing robust online marketing tools and tracking key fundraising metrics, Love My Library has everything you need to dive into your most successful online fundraising program while still remaining extremely easy to use. 

Other online fundraising platforms may require more manpower or a deeper technical knowledge. Love My Library can be used and accessed by anyone. The platform makes it easy for even the youngest readers to generate revenue for your library.

You won't need to worry about having enough resources to allocate in order to have a significant return on your investment. Love My Library is easy to use and lucrative to boot. You can launch your own online fundraising campaign in a matter of minutes.

Check out these 10+ effective online school fundraising ideas to get you started!

Online School Fundraising Ideas to Get You Started

We understand how important it is to select the right online fundraising idea for your library. These campaigns provide critical funding for your institution and you can't afford to invest time and money into campaigns that might not work. 

That's why we've compiled a list of profitable, tried and true virtual fundraising ideas to kick off your next online campaign!

1. Library Fundraiser

Consider hosting a library fundraiser!

Speaking of educational fundraising, library fundraisers are another great way to support a love of learning while bringing in critical funds for your school. Part booster-thon and part book fair, library fundraisers encourage students to collect online donations for their school or local libraries and in turn gain access to virtual books of their choice. 

All you have to do is partner with a dedicated library fundraising platform, such as Love My Library. The Love My Library platform is capable of hosting your entire fundraiser. Just sign up, create your event, and encourage students to create donation pages to send to family and friends. It's as simple as that. 

In return for their fundraising efforts, Love My Library will give students the chance to choose virtual books from best-selling titles. Sign up for free to kick off a virtual fundraiser that students, sponsors, and community members will be inspired by!

2. Read-a-thon fundraiser

Consider hosting a Read-a-thon fundraiser!

You can never go wrong with a Read-a-thon fundraiser. This incredibly easy, highly lucrative, engaging, and educational fundraiser has quickly become a favorite for many of the over 5,000+ schools that use Read-A-Thon!

While all of the fundraisers on this list have the potential for major fundraising success, read-a-thons are one of the only campaigns that enrich your students' educational experiences as they raise money.

To begin this simple, effective, and rewarding online school fundraising program, create your free account with Read-A-Thon. In a matter of days, watch as hundreds of reading hours and thousands of dollars roll into your Read-A-Thon account, all for an activity that your students are already doing!

3. Auction Online

Consider hosting an online auction.

Completely virtual auctions are now possible thanks to modern auction software. Ebay isn't your only choice, though it is a viable option.
They work the same way a regular auction does except you don't have to worry about paying for a venue or auctioneer. Choose high-value items and excursions people would pay for. Use a reputable auction software provider, and advertise as much as possible.

4. Custom Attire

Consider hosting a custom t-shirt sale.

Many school sports teams raise money by selling branded attire and custom shirts. It's not a new idea and can be used to show school spirit or team loyalty. You can brand just about anything. A recent, lucrative item has been branding tumblers.

Create an online store on your site featuring custom merchandise, and then let people know about it. Get custom attire from local businesses. Order in bulk so your profit margin is higher. As you develop a customer base, you'll see the profits grow larger and larger.

5. Gift Matching

Promote matching gifts to your supporters!

Gift Matching is available to employees who work for a company that will match their charitable gifts. You may be suprised to find out just how many companies match gifts for schools!

Send out newsletters and reminders to donors letting them know about corporate gift matching possibilites in order to take advantage of these corporate gifts. Create a gift matching database if possible into your donation form so submitting a gift matching request is simple for a donor. 

The goal is to create a hands-free, long-lasting online fundraising process that could double your giver's donation as simply as possible.

6. Text-to-Give

Consider hosting a text-to-give campaign.

Appeal to busy donors by taking advantage of the widespread use of mobile devices through mobile giving. 

Do a kick-off campaign for your text-to-give fundraiser in order to make sure as many people in your community know as possible. Make use of digital marketing strategies by advertising on social media. Send emails as texts about your fundraiser. Distribute flyers. Make sure all your communication has lets donors know that by sending a special text keyword to a designated number, they will be taken to a mobile-friendly donation page. Then they'll be able to give effortlessly.

7. Online Movie Night 

Consider hosting a virtual watch party fundraiser.

The only thing better than watching a good movie is watching one with good friends. Host a virtual movie night through a Facebook Watch Party or Teleparty. They'll be able to do mass-streaming to as many givers as you can invite.

Make a list of family friendly classics and then vote on it. Have an admisson fee to get the streaming link. Make arrangements with local diners that by advertising them, a portion of sales can go to your fundraiser as well. Just have patrons mention your institution at the point of sale. Then while they are buying their grub to watch the show, you're raising money as well!

8. Crowdfunding

Consider hosting a crowdfunding campaign!

Crowdfunding uses social media to get as many people as possible aware of your cause. Then it makes it easy for them to donate to that cause. 

There are several crowdfunding platforms. Use one that fits your needs and share a page you create. Encourage everyone to share it as well.

Many start-up companies and projects generate revenue to start or even complete a project though crowdfunding. If your cause gains traction, you can raise quite a bit of money.

9. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Consider hosting a peer-to-peer fundraiser.

Supporters take the lead when using peer-to-peer fundraiser! Invite staff, student groups and teams, the student body itself, and PTA and Booster Club members to share donation pages with your institution's name.

They'll be able to share donation pages to friends and family through social media, texting, and emails. They are able to raise the money for your cause.

10. Online Art Class

Consider hosting a virtual art class fundraiser.

Live broadcasts are common in this digital age. Using that to your advantage, advertise and event where an artist teaches any who jump on how to paint, mold, or sculpt.  

Make sure potential patrons know what resources they'll need prior to the class. Charge an admisson for them to get the link. You can schedule this regularly and have different guests teach. Then you'll have a recurring source of funding coming in and have created a wonderful event the community can look forward to regularly.

Love My Library: Your Easiest Online Fundraising Option

Of all the online fundraising tools at your disposal, Love My Library will always be one of the richest and easiest virtual fundraising programs available to you. Our intuitive, highly accessible platform takes no time at all to integrate into your library's normal fundraising activities, guiding you every step of the way to host a more successful and rewarding fundraiser than you could have ever imagined. 

Want to learn more about Love My Library? Reach out to us at +1 800-682-2240.